Valve Ball Grinding

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Except for our experianced and skiled workers, We use best equipment to ensure the high quality & stability.

Valve Ball Grinding


All the machines runs on roller sliders to assure the max. possible accuracy and the best surface finishing

An independent chilling unit to keep the coolant temperature constant for the max accuracy of the workpiece.

CNC controlled Y axis for the micro vertical movement of the grinding wheels

75% reduction of cycle time

High accuracy


Grinding with OD wheel for maximum speed flexibility. 

Grinding with cup wheel for maximum accuracy

The Results

Roundness ≤0.03mm

Surface roughness=0.4μm

Outside diameter. 1/2″-4″ +-0.03 mm, 6″-12″+-0.05 mm (Outside diameter tolerance)

Inner diameter 1/2″-4″ 0~0.03mm,6″~12″ 0~0.05mm (Inner diameter tolerance)

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