Hollow Ball

The hollow valve ball is another one of the core products and most competitive products of Guoyang Valve (GY Balls), also patented products, we can process size range DN40~DN300mm (1-1/4”~16”), including floating and trunnion design.

Hollow valve ball has two kinds of design, one is the sheer hollow ball, only has the outer shell and without the internal sleeve tube (flow passage), the other one is outer shell welded along with the internal sleeve tube (flow passage); for the later, it has three different slot/ groove design, the first one is molded slot/ groove block with seamless welding, this is very close to solid ball visually except for weight, so is the most popular and ordered design; the second one is molded slot/ groove block with seam welding, there is some or tiny seam, crack, opening visually in the slot/ groove surrounding after groove/ slot milling; the third one is welded steel strip as slot/ groove base with seam, this is with visible seam, crack, opening in the slot/ groove surrounding after groove/ slot milling. Surely the price is different accordingly for them.

We have an independent production line, from raw material (steel plates or tube) cutting, bending, reeling, preforming, combination, welding to finished products machined out, plus the pneumatic pressure test make sure each ball is in perfect condition. The hollow balls are widely assembled in low pressure welded ball valves under PN50 bars. Excellent design and techniques make us became China leading hollow valve ball supplier, yearly 2,000,000pcs on average exported to North & East Europe, Russia, etc.

Guoyang Competitiveness

Workshop: 5000㎡

Working Staff: 80

Capacity: 5000pcs/day

Raw Material Supplier: Tsingshan Group (Global Fortune 500)

Blanks Technique: steel plate/ tube/ seamless tube preformed and welded

Manufacturing: full CNC, automatic

Quality Control: 100% (raw material, machining, final)

Product Information

Product: Hollow Valve Ball

Type: floating, trunnion, V port, etc;

Size Range: DN40~DN400mm

Rating: ≤ PN50 bars

Design: hollow

Technique: preformed and welded


Stainless Steel: SS304(L), SS316(L), SS410/ SS420; (most competitive)

Coating: N.A (outsourced)

Applied Products: welded ball valves ≤ PN50 bars

Applied Industries: plumbing, waters, steam, fuel gas, HVAC, etc.