Floating Ball

From the design of the ball valve, Guoyang Valve (GY Balls) has more than 20 years of experience for manufacturing the floating balls, size range DN8~DN400mm (1/4”~16”), including both the solid and hollow technique.

The floating valve balls are mainly assembled in floating designed ball valves, side and top entry, fully welded, cast & forged 1/ 2/ 3 pcs body with screwed (threaded)/ flanged/ socket or butt welding ends.

The main feature of the floating valve ball is that the ball has no supporting shaft, and the sphere is held in a floating state by the both sides valve seats, plus the resilient seat sealing, the fire safe and anti-static function, the automatic pressure relief function, make the floating ball valve is conventional and suitable for general industrial applications.

Guoyang Valve (GY Balls) own a mature production line for the manufacturing of floating valve balls, one-stop control from raw material to finished products, competitive in quality, price and delivery.

Guoyang Competitiveness

Workshop: 5000㎡

Working Staff: 80

Capacity: 30,000pcs/day

Raw Material Supplier: Tsingshan Group (Global Fortune 500)

Forging Plant: associated

Blanks Technique: mainly forged, several size casted

Manufacturing: full CNC, automatic

Quality Control: 100% (raw material, machining, final)

Product Information

Product: Floating Valve Ball

Type: floating, L port, T port, V port, with bar/ stem, etc;

Size Range: DN8~DN400mm

Rating: unlimited

Design: solid & hollow

Technique: forged, casted, preformed and welded


Stainless Steel: A182 F304(L), F316(L), F6A; (most competitive)

Duplex Stainless Steel: A182 F51, F53, F55, F60;

Carbon Steel: A105(+ENP), A350 LF2(+ENP);

Special Steel: 17-4PH, Monel 400 & K500, Inconel 825 & 625, etc.

Coating: ENP, Hard Chrome, Stellite, Ni Alloy, TCC, CCC, etc. (outsourced)

Applied Products: all kind of floating designed ball valves;

Applied Industries: oil &gas, chemical & petrochemicals, plumbing, waters, steam, gas, refrigeration, HVAC, automobile, etc.