Special Ball

Guoyang Valve (GY Balls) special balls mainly including L way ball, T way ball, V port ball, stem/ bar ball, etc., size range DN15~DN400mm (1/2”~62”), including both solid and hollow technique and both floating and trunnion design.

The L way/ port valve sphere designed for three way L pattern ball valve, the two port are always in a 90 degrees angle, mainly with the function of distributing the flux.

The T way/ port valve sphere designed for three way T pattern ball valve, the middle one port keeps a 90 degrees angle with any one of the other two ports, mainly with the function of distributing and transition the flux.

The V port/ channel/ opening valve sphere designed for V port ball valve, with a V or W shape opening in one end of the flow passage, the main function is to control the flux according to the opening percentage of the ball valve.

The valve ball with stem/ bar/ handle is mainly designed and assembled in the high pressure ball valves, the upper stem and the lower trunnion are casted/ forged out together with the ball, it’s one piece so very tough in quality and avoid the broken of stem.

The common difficult point for processing the above special balls is to keep the concentricity/ coaxiality, it has a low production efficiency with high failure rate, so even they are not our competitive products or frenquently ordered, Guoyang Valve (GY Balls)  still pack it as a part of our service to support our dear customers.

Guoyang Competitiveness

Workshop: 5000㎡

Working Staff: 80

Capacity: 100pcs/day

Raw Material Supplier: Tsingshan Group (Global Fortune 500)

Forging Plant: associated

Blanks Technique: mainly forged, several size casted

Manufacturing: full CNC, automatic

Quality Control: 100% (raw material, machining, final)

Product Information

Product: Special Ball

Type: L port, T port, V port, ball with bar/ stem/ handle, floating, trunnion, etc;

Size Range: DN15~DN300mm

Rating: unlimited

Design: solid & hollow

Technique: forged, casted, preformed and welded


Stainless Steel: A182 F304(L), F316(L), F6A; (most competitive)

Duplex Stainless Steel: A182 F51, F53, F55, F60;

Carbon Steel: A105(+ENP), A350 LF2(+ENP);

Special Steel: 17-4PH, Monel 400 & K500, Inconel 825 & 625, etc.

Coating: ENP, Hard Chrome, Stellite, Ni Alloy, TCC, CCC, etc. (outsourced)

Applied Products: floating and trunnion mounted L way, T way, V port, ball valves;

Applied Industries: oil &gas, chemical & petrochemicals, etc.