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Pre-Sale Service

  1. Learn and try to understand the background of customer and their ball valve products, clear about the design, technical, process and operation, understand the matchable valve-ball products of Guoyang applied;
  2. Against on requisition, confirm with customer for the standard, design, construction, material, quantity, marking, inspection, packaging, etc., make best offer and submit; for complicated case, analyze the advantage and disadvantage separately, make and suggest the best feasible proposal in details, for customer consideration and final decision;
  3. Against offer confirmation, make free samples in one or two weeks, send to customer for inspection and final confirmation, make sure everything is qualified to customer requirements before order and volume production.
  4. Positively communicate with customer to remove all possible doubts.

In-Sale Service

  1. Against order, make Production Schedule and submit, strictly follow each process and make updates to customer, make sure the order completed in time per ordered delivery date;
  2. During order processing, should any points not clear, positively confirm with customer, to avoid any non-conformance caused;
  3. Double check the result of final inspection of internal quality control, send all relative test & inspection certificates to customer, confirm for customer inspection or third party inspection;
  4. Inform customer for shipping arrangement in advance, collaborate with forwarder to send the goods to port in time, follow the shipping status till the goods smoothly transferred to required destination port, help customer clear the custom and get the goods successfully in hands;

After-Sale Service

  1. Give possible installation, operation, maintenance guidance to customer, so as to make sure the valve-parts assembled in the correct way;
  2. Follow up the assembly condition, make sure the valve-parts are seamlessly match to other parts, and with good performance;
  3. Should any problem unfortunately caused, positively communicate and present with best solution, help customer solve the problem, or change the goods for free, or compensate for the possible loss caused, always try to present the best proposal to shooting customer trouble;
  4. Send Customer Satisfaction Survey to customer periodically, to achieve 100% positive result.
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