Raw Material

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Raw material is very important to Guoyang Valve (GY Balls) production, it has direct influence to our whole manufacturing activities, including quality, cost, delivery period of the finished products. The main raw material type of our products is as below:

Product Series Size Raw Material Type Process Technique
Solid Balls ≤DN25 Steel Wire, Rod Auto Forging
DN25~DN300 Steel Bar to Forgings Die Forging
Special DN25~DN300 Steel Bar to Forgings Open Forging
Hollow Balls DN25~DN300 Steel Plate, Pipe Preforming & Welding
Valve Seats ≥DN50 Steel Bar Open Forging
Valve Stems φ10~φ200 Steel Wire, Rod, Bar Open Forging

From the above, you can understand our raw material type is diversified, including stainless steel wire, rod, bar, plate, pipe, forgings, castings, etc., so the sustainable and stable raw material supply is critical to us. We are lucky to have our original raw material supplier Tsingshan Group in the local.

Tsingshan Group headquarter and main plants also located in Longwan District of Wenzhou, is a Global Fortune 500 company, have Nickle mines both in Africa and South-east Asia, focus on manufacturing all kinds of the stainless steel raw materials, such as stainless steel ingot, bar, rod, plate, wire, pipe and other products, which guaranteed our continuous raw material supply, moreover, it feeds and satisfies the demands of most stainless steel market requisition, both in China and abroad.

Raw Material

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