Valve Stems

To cooperate with our valve ball products, we developed valve stem products together with our associated suppliers to enrich our product range, also for furnish full package of supports to our customers. Guoyang Valve (GY Balls) can supply valve seat size range φ10~φ200mm, for ball, butterfly, plug, gate, globe valves.

Guoyang Valve (GY Balls) can process the valve stems with design of anti-static, anti-blowout, special design like taper end can also be accepted.

Guoyang Competitiveness

Workshop: 3,000㎡

Working Staff: 75

Capacity: 1,000pcs/day

Raw Material Supplier: Tsingshan Group (Global Fortune 500)

Forging Plant: associated

Blanks Technique: forged

Manufacturing: full CNC, automatic

Quality Control: 100% (raw material, machining, final)

Product Information

Product: Valve Stems

Type: metallic, resilient, metal-sealed

Size Range: φ10~φ200mm (diameter)

Rating: unlimited

Design: solid

Technique: forged


Stainless Steel: A182 F304(L), F316(L), F6A; (most competitive)

Duplex Stainless Steel: A182 F51, F53, F55, F60;

Carbon Steel: A105(+ENP), A350 LF2(+ENP);

Special Steel: 17-4PH, Monel 400 & K500, Inconel 825 & 625, etc.

Coating: ENP, Hard Chrome, Stellite, Ni Alloy, TCC, CCC, etc. (outsourced)

Applied Products: all kind ball, plug, butterfly, gate, globe valve;

Applied Industries: oil & gas, chemical & petrochemicals, plumbing, waters, steam, gas, refrigeration, HVAC, automobile, etc.