Guoyang Valve (GY Balls) specialized in the manufacturing and export of various stainless steel valve balls, size range DN8 ~ DN400mm (1/4"~ 16"). The main products have solid balls, hollow balls, floating balls, trunnion balls, three-way balls (L and T port), V port balls, balls with stem, valve stems and seats, which are suitable to various ball valve designs and applications, especially in plumbing, heating, refrigeration, chemical, oil & gas, etc.

Certified by ISO 9001 and CE-PED, GY Balls has 6S standardized workshop with about 80 employees, three core production lines of Small-size (<DN25), Medium-size (DN25~DN150)´╝îLarge-size (>DN150), both solid and hollow balls, equipped more than 200 sets CNC lathes of auto forging, machining, polishing, high-efficiency production from the blanks to finished products, daily capacity can reach to 30,000pcs, plus 3 inspection ensures a solid quality presence; relying on the world's 500 companies (Tsingshan Group), ensuring sustained and stable raw material supply; powerful capacity give our strength and confidence for serving global markets.

Guoyang Valve (GY Balls) is willing to be spokesman of Quality Made-in-China, dedicate to support and serve global ball valve manufacturers, create value for worldwide customers and end-users!

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