Centrifugal Casting

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Centrifugal Casting

The raw material process of Guoyang Valve (Ball) is mainly forging, if customer consider cost as critical factor, we can and only choose centrifugal casting ball blanks as solution, which has below features/ competitiveness:

1. Special casting method: centrifugal casting refers to the process of forming castings by high-speed rotation of liquid metal in the mold under the action of centrifugal force;

2. Sphere and seat ring forming: centrifugal casting technology is an excellent choice for making high alloy ball and ring products;

3. Save cost and time: when the product specification is large, the loss of centrifugal casting ball or valve seat blank is greatly reduced. In addition, for the demand of small batch procurement, the selection of centrifugal casting can make the procurement time more flexible and save costs;

4. Stable mechanical properties: under the action of centrifugal force, the solidification speed of liquid metal and the density of liquid metal will be accelerated. Therefore, the castings made by centrifugal casting have stable good mechanical properties.


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